SaaS (Software as a Service) is a software distribution model where vendors host their applications and made them accessible to customer through internet.

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The major benefit of SaaS is user need not to worry that where their application is running, or in which server, in which machine. The only thing the customer need  is just an internet connection and browser for accessing the application.

After SaaS apps continue to accessing enterprise, they are removing precious resources and reshaping ITs role. It is true that Software as a Service make It jobs easier.

Not better. Not worse—just different.This is the way how it professionals describes when their job changes while their organizations move from running on-premises applications to hosted Software as a Service providers. And that hosted application need only one application to configure,take backup, patch and update.

The hosted application doesn’t need as much care and feeding as on-premises applications, but they need a lot of up-front architecture and integration work and it will be a new platform for IT workers. SaaS apps also need to be get more apps which will turn to be get more architecture and integration works. And someone need to be there to troubleshoot if any thing goes down in hosted app. It will bring more changes in It platform.

Successful journey Of SaaS

By 2018, 27.8% of the worldwide enterprise application market will be SaaS-based generating $50.8B in revenue up from $22.6B or 16.6% of the market in 2013.Demand for SaaS enterprise applications is accelerating and exceeding the demand for on-premise applications by five times.Now also if you don’t think that world is moving to SaaS, then you are not living in right decade.