The MySQL for Database Administrators training is designed and customized for database professionals and administrators having basic exposure to database fundamentals.

Following 3 days training Program covers the all  basic tenets of the MySQL database concepts and administration, essential for a DBA for successful day-today operations handling.

Duration: 3 Days

Course Topics:

Day 1


  • Logical representation – SQL Layer
  • Physical representation – Storage Layer
  • Query processing
  • Transaction management
  • Recovery management
  • Storage management

Installation and Configuration

  • Choosing right distribution
  • Installing MySQL server
  • MySQL server configuration
  • binary logging

Clients and Tools

  • mysql – command line client
  • mysqladmin – command line client
  • innochecksum – check integrity of innodb files
  • myisamchk – check and repair MyISAM tables
  • mysqlbinlog – Read binary logs
  • MySQL Workbench – UI tool for design, develop, administer and migration
  • MySQL Utilities – mysqluc, mysqldiff, mysqlrplcheck, mysqlserverinfo
  • GUI tools

Day 2

Backup and Recovery

  • Types of backup and recovery
  • Methods of backup
  • Backup tools and utilities
  • Data recovery
  • Example of backup/recovery strategy


  • Advantages of replication
  • MySQL replication threads and files
  • Setting up replication environment
  • Performing switchover
  • Troubleshooting replication issues


Performance tuning

  • Hardware consideration
  • Using explain to analyze queries
  • Table optimizations
  • Overview of performance schema
  • Partitions

Comparing MySQL with popular databases

  • MySQL v/s Oracle
  • MySQL vs/ MS SQL server

MySQL training course Instructors have the exposure of the few of the largest setup for MySQL in challenging and innovative environments in the country.

Please reach out at in case of any queries or any modifications sought in the program for minor customization as per need.