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        Hybrid Cloud is a cloud computing environment utilizing both private and public cloud to perform their functions in the same organization. The hybrid cloud uses on-premises, private cloud and third party, public cloud services using orchestration between two platforms. For example, a enterprise will implement their cloud hosting to host their website in private cloud where it is secured, but their brochure in public cloud where it is more cost effective.




            It allows to move workloads between private and public cloud according to computing needs. .


Hybrid Cloud’s main advantage is it can change workloads. To connect both private and public resources, that model should requires a hybrid cloud environment. Hybrid clouds provide great flexibility in businesses and more data deployment options.


The main goal of hybrid cloud is to combine services and data from a variety of cloud models to create a unified and well-managed computing environment.

Omegha Public Cloud from Infrastack-Labs  provides such orchestration services to leverage such hybrid cloud computing models.