It was my first hackathon experience of my life, the times internet group organised the nation wide hackathon early this year, It was my first experience of attending a Hackathon finals that was held at Mumbai on 7th June 2018 to 9th June 2018. Our team of 3  from InfraStack-Labs Technologies Pvt Ltd.,  were Arun Narayanan, Kishore Kumar and myself (Anand) who participated national event called Techgig Code Gladiators 2018, which had 3 major rounds over a period of 2 months.

Each round had a different scenarios/use cases given and we had to find a solution for the problem statement. Our team had registered under the category of “Cloud Computing” as we were basically from a cloud computing background. We had a great teamwork and we were one among 13 teams selected for finals under this category.

My journey to the finals  started from Coimbatore to Bangalore on 5th evening to join my team. The next day 6th June 2018 I reached the office for the final preparation of the hackathon with my teammates. We  discussed about various aspects about the hackathon and did a good homework before participation. After our discussion, all of us left office to take some rest before our travel to mumbai.

Screen Shot 2018-08-06 at 10.08.52 AM

Next day on 7th June 2018, we  had to start early in the morning @ 2 AM to reach the airport as our flight was scheduled for  5 AM. Arun and Kishore have booked the cab and, on the way, they picked me at Hebbal and we reached airport @ 3 AM. The flight departed on time and we reached Mumbai by 6.30 AM.

Reliance Corporate Park, Thane

On reaching  Mumbai airport, the Techgig team had arranged a bus for all finalists teamsl to reach the venue Reliance Corporate Park, Navi Mumbai. Our bus  started from airport and reached the venue @ 8:00 AM, ON reaching the beautiful Reliance campus, we went went straight to the registration desk and got our verification done and got our tags for the hackathon Then we were taken to the event location by another bus.

When we entered the venue, the reliance coporate park was really beautiful and huge, we felt like a different world with participants all over the place, some were  busy with registration, some were having real fun with their colleagues and some were playing games and more. We have done our registration and had our breakfast and now we were ready for the Hackathon which was to being at 9:30 AM.

We were sitting in the main  the auditorium, where we could see lot of professionals and students from various parts of India  with different ideas to win the hackathon. We got brief summary about the project for the hackathon and it was 22 Hrs hackathon, the hackathon was to start on 7th June 12:30 PM and ended on 8th June 10:30 AM.

We had 22 Hrs to complete the project, exactly at 12:30 we started our work and we had a plan to complete and deliver the project on time. Every one in the auditorium are busy working on their projects.

We had lunch and again started our work, time runs very fast and we had to rush more to complete our project. Then we went  for refreshment with snacks and coffee at around 4;30 PM. Then again started our work, it was literally a kind of steeplechase event feeling, we were really excited to see ourselves surrounded by smart people all under same roof working of different ideas

At 8PM, We had our dinner and had some rest, again started our work. We had focused on various aspects to complete the project and continued to work till midnight. We had some quick nap  to refresh ourselves and again focused on our work and the time runs very fast it was 6:30 AM and we had four hours to end the hackathon. We had to rush to complete the project on time @ 10:30 AM.

Finally after 21 Hrs of marathon, we reached the climax, only an hour was left to submit the project/solution. We started to collect the sources and data needed for submission, we were ready for the submission, but suddenly there was a technical glitch  and we were not able to submit the presentation and the codebase , so we had to contact the support team. They rectified the issue and we had 15 minutes left for submission, we quickly uploaded the deliverables . and waited for our turn to present the project.


We had scheduled @ 2:30 PM for presentation, we were all  well prepared for the demo/presentation and then came our turn to present the project before the jury. We had delivered our best to impress the jury and got appreciation from jury for the way we were  different from other participants in creating the solution

Best comment received after our final presentation 

“You guys are the only team who did things very differently”

We were the only team, who created solutions on a proprietary cloud platform called “OMegha™ Public Cloud”. All other participants did the system integration and created the solutions on either AWS/IBM Watson/Azure


We waited for the final result, till the time we had opportunity to roam around the beautiful Reliance Corporate Park. The place was wonderful and great place to work. Then we had chance to know about JIO, they presented their new and upcoming technologies. Then we had some fun and played some games and had photo sessions and new friends of course made the experience even more memorable.

At last it was  time for result, we waited eagerly for the result and ours was the last one to be announced. Unfortunately, we are not among the winning 3 , but the appreciation we got on our out-of-the-box thinking for creating the solution was the real happiness, it was a great experience to participate in the hackathon, It was raining heavily as the monsoons had already started in Mumbai, with a light hearted happy hackathon experience we left for the airport way back to Bangalore

Summary of @InfraStack-Labs Technologies Private Limited  team's experience in participating in #Techgigcodegladiators2018 #cloudcomputing #hackathon

#Event - Code Gladiators 2018 
#Event Registrations 228,880
#6500+ registrations (Cloud Computing Category)

-Artificial Intelligence
-Big Data
-Cloud Computing
-Mobility & Location Services
-Internet of Things
-Machine Learning

#45 days marathon
#20 hours of final offline hackathon coding (Final round)
#15 days of online hackathon coding (1st & 2nd round)
#3 Rounds
#3 problem statement (General Cloud Computing, AI Robot & IoT)
#3 team members
#1 Bot created & delivered  (Vinayak) 
#1 IoT platform & delivered