InfraStack-Labs is an enterprise solutions company founded in 2015 by a group of technologists bringing the working experience from large corporations like Oracle, Yahoo Inc, J.P.MorganChase & Co, Dell Inc, General Electric (GE), TCS, HCL, CMC. Technical expertise of the core team spans across verticals like Software, Internet, Investment Banking, High-End Servers, Networking, Cloud & IT Services. Company is operating across geographies from its centers in Bangalore(India) & London(UK).

We provide consultancy on Datacenter DevOps & Infrastructure Stack which forms the backbone of enterprises.

InfraStack-Labs can help the customers in viewing their IT spending with a holistic view by itemizing their total IT spending, which enables the customers to easily identify the exorbitant side that is also a potentially a ROI spending. We started with the intention of delivering smart enterprise solutions for the customers, enabling them to reduce the IT investments at the same time enhance their businesses process by smartly investing on the IT solutions.

We can help the customers identify their unwanted IT spends which do not yield them a return by providing consulting in niche areas of enterprise solutions.

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