DevOps Foundation Fundamentals Training

DevOps as a concept aims at exposure to tools and strategies to be the able to integrate  integration and automation along with improved collaborations between various teams involved in life-cycle of software development to deployment  in order to improve the flow of work between developers and IT operations professionals for faster development and deployment.DevOps Course also helps you to be better  prepared for the DevOps Foundation certification.

This One day exhaustive program  is modeled on the lines of  software “Boot camp” methodology being employed by numerous MNC working at scale, to achieve the best result out of the program by focussing on most required essentials for the DevOps professionals.

The Exhaustive Agenda for this One day Programme is as follows.

1st Session: Devops (1.5-2 hr)
  • Why Devops?
  • Practices: CICD and the value is brings to SDLC
  • Infrastructure Automation
  • Release, Monitoring, Virtualization, Containerization, Configuration management
  • Devops Tools : Chef, Jenkins, Git, Logstash, Docker, Splunk, AWS, OpenStack, vagrant, docker.

2nd Session: Chef / Jenkins / Docker (2.5-3 hrs)

  • Jenkins Overview/ Build configuration / CICD Demo
  • Docker Overview
  • Chef Overview and its components / Dashboard / Chef-client convergence demo

3rd Session:  AWS – EC2 dashboard / Chef Training program overview (1.5-2hr)
  • AWS –  EC2 Creating and setting up instances / LAMP stack / Docker
  • Chef Training program overview –  What we are offering and its agenda.
  • A Combined Chef Essentials + Test Driven Cookbook Development 2 day program.  


Please reach out at in case of any queries or any modifications sought in the program for minor customization as per need.

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